Tibetan Language Course—Beginners

Instructor: Miriam Paknys

Tuesdays from January 9 to March 26, 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Miriam Paknys learned basic Tibetan reading and writing as a young child from her mother, who currently interprets from Tibetan to English for dharma classes at Manjushri Centre in Longueuil. She continues with self-study and tutorials in both colloquial and literary Tibetan, in addition to translating the English to French at the centre. She has taught English, French, Welsh and Italian, and is now offering beginner Tibetan lessons based on the insights she has gained from many colloquial language self-study courses as well as her studies with Acharya, her mother, and other Tibetan tutors over the years.

Tibetan is not a tense-based language, but a time-based language, and Miriam has found effective ways to demystify syntax and communication in a gentle and logical way that allows English or French speakers to consistently make Tibetan sentences that actually make sense to Tibetans. Join for a beginner’s look at the alphabet, writing, and the basics of how Tibetan sentences work, including some very simple dialogues to get started with right away.

Suggested donation for this 12-week course:
$120 for members/ $144 for non-members

Deadline for registration: January 7


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