A Gift of Prayers 2021

A Gift of Prayers

From Pullahari Monastery (Nepal)

Happy New Year 2021 to all our Members and Friends! Soon, on February 11th, will be Losar (Tibetan New Year). Like every year, at Pullahari we will dedicate a series of pujas leading to the Losar and also during the auspicious first month. It is a difficult time in our world. Therefore, for the benefit of members and friends, whoever wishes to participate may do so for any amount they wish to offer

If you wish to participate, please email foundation@rigpedorjecanada.org your name and the names of those you wish to dedicate the prayers to, as well as the amount of your offering by January 28. 

  • Feb 3 – Feb 11: Mahakala GuTor Puja  
  • Feb 20: GarSang Smoke Offering Puja and Raising Prayer Flags
  • Feb 21:Tseyang Gugpa (including Guru Rinpoche’s Long Life & Dzambala pujas)
  • Feb 28: Medicine Buddha Sadhana Puja 
  • Mar 3 – Mar 12: Offering of Lamps and Aspiration Prayers for the World and concluding with a Grand Amitabha Jangchok for the deceased
  • Mar 13: PhuRab Choga. The ritual of excellent offerings to the Three Jewels, Protectors & Guardians, beings of the six realms towards Harmony, Peace, Prosperity, Well-beingof the World and all Beings.

With Best Wishes.
Yours in Dharma,
Ngawang Chodak Rinpoche 

Requests and Interact: foundation@rigpedorjecanada.org
Paypal: see below
Cheques payable to Rigpe Dorje Foundation, 503 5th Avenue, Verdun, Montréal, QC H4G 2Z2