Regular Program


BouddhaMeditation, Practice & Instruction

Rigpe Dorje Centre welcomes people of all ages and all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners to participate in group sessions. Individual instruction is also available upon request.

The regular schedule consists of chanting and calm abiding practices: On Wednesdays Chenrezik, Guru Yoga and Amitabha, on Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays Shamatha sitting and walking meditation; on Sundays, Green Tara, See monthly calendar for times .

All chanting practices are  done in Tibetan with English and French translations included in the texts.

The goal of meditation is to awaken to the true nature of our mind, beyond ignorance and confusion. It is in this way that liberation from suffering can ultimately be attained bringing us to an open and joyful heart rather than being stuck in attachment and aversion. Meditation also leads to greater focus, stress/anxiety relief and mindfulness.

Other practices are scheduled on special days, such as Medicine Buddha, Calling the Lama From Afar, Guru Rinpoche, White Tara and Mahakhala.


Shamata – practice of calm abiding

Through this meditation comes mindfulness free from disturbing thoughts and emotions as well as the potential for insight into the true nature of the mind. Positive attitudes, reactions and habitual patterns are strengthened, thus nurturing our meditation practices as well as our daily lives.


PracticeChenreziChenrezik – practice to generate compassion

This practice makes it possible to touch one’s own enlightened heart of compassion, loving kindness and altruistic attitude. Inner qualities are discovered that lead to the realization of ultimate reality, peace of mind and eventual freedom from confusion and negativity.


PracticeGreenTaraGreen Tara – practice to generate protection

Through the practice of Green Tara, one seeks worldly and spiritual protection so that aspirations and goals can be more easily fulfilled without obstacles. The aim is to achieve freedom from obstacles such as the sixteen kinds of fear, as well as to prevent natural disasters. The root of suffering can be overcome as we strive to eliminate the ignorance and confusion that rule our lives.


PracticeBuddhaMedecinMedicine Buddha – practice to generate well-being

The benefit of this practice is increased physical and mental well-being as well as spiritual stability. It also creates the potential to develop positive qualities and to cut through the negative sources of suffering such as attachment, anger and ignorance.


Guru Yoga & Calling the Lama From Afar – practices to generate devotion

It is through our faith and devotion that the clarity and wisdom of the Lama’s mind become one with ours. In this way, the Lama’s blessings serve as inspiration and guide to cut through our confusion and to follow the path towards liberation from suffering. Tara – practice to generate longevity

Eliminating inner hindrances such as disturbing emotions on the path of dharma leads to greater awareness of the true nature of mind and genuine happiness free from suffering. Enhanced mental and physical health, inner strength and well-being for oneself and others can become a reality. – practice to generate protection

The supplication to the Protectors of the dharma is for all beings to be protected from negativities and to experience health, happiness, long life and ultimately perfect awakening. Through the intensity of this Practice there is the potential to develop the courage to cut through obstacles and delusion on the spiritual path.


PracticeGuruGuru Rinpoche – practice to dispel obstacles

With the motivation to cut through inner and outer obstacles on the spiritual path and for all beings, this prayer is effective in developing strength and courage in the face of difficult situations and fears. Compassionate aspiration is cultivated for the alleviation of the negativities of our time and the easing of widespread suffering in the world. – practice to cut through attachment

By becoming aware of the emptiness of phenomena there is the possibility to transform grasping and craving into clarity and compassion deepening commitment to the well-being of others and ultimately enlightenment. It is beneficial to perform this practice for the benefit of a person who is dying to experience a smooth transition from this life to the next, and a good rebirth.