Jamgon Kongtrul Eye Centre


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Lower Bridle Road, 8th mile Kalimpong, Dist Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

Based in Kalimpong, the Eye Centre opened in May 2004 to provide world-class ophthalmic treatment and care.  The Centre maintains a ratio of 60% of free patients and 40% of paying patients based on their income levels. Through it's Outreach Program,there are on-going cataract screenings of patients in poor and remote areas and vision checks of school children. Cataract patients  are transported to the Eye Centre for free cataract surgeries and intra-ocular lens implants.

Under the technical direction and support of Nepal’s Tilganga Eye Centre and guided by its founder Opthalmologist, the Eminent Dr. Sanduk Ruit, the Eye Centre is registered with the Health Department of West Bengal. The medical team is made up of two ophthalmic surgeons, four ophthalmic assistants, three nurses, two vision technicians, one pharmacist, one optometrist and two general staff. The major pieces of equipment were donated by the Himalayan Cataract Foundation of USA.

Between its opening in 2004 until 2011, the Eye Centre treated 69,201 out-patients and performed 2,187 cataract surgeries, 75 retinal surgical procedures, and 573 other eye procedures. The Centre’s Outreach Department  screened 50,863 people from various poor and remote villages. Among them, 3,247 enjoyed free cataract surgeries and intra-ocular lens implants.